Dealing With IT Storage In The Summer Months

Everyone loves a good summer holiday and the idea of spending the entirety of July and August in the Costa del Office is never preferable. Not everyone gets that chance to go away in the summer time due to the high prices but sometimes, depending on the type of company you work for, July and August are actually quiet months for a business. This is usually because the head honchos of the company have disappeared off for a couple of weeks and with the air conditioning ramped up and everyone sweating it out in the office, it can be a pretty miserable few weeks.

The best thing to remedy this situation is of course, booking a holiday enough in advance that it doesn’t cost as much as a last minute getaway. Where this isn’t possible we’ve put together some top tips for you to be as comfortable as possible while working in the office this summer. Whether you’re working in a shop, a restaurant or in a large open plan office dealing with Document Protection Service you can be assured that you can be comfortable.

  • Reclaim that lunch break! Take a long walk and if you’re fortunate enough to work near a body of water or a park, take your lunch there and sit in the shade. Soak up the vitamin D from the sun and pretend you are going to be in the sunshine. It’ll lift your mood and make you shake off the office humidity for at least an hour.
  • Organise a picnic. Does your company hold any kind of summer shindig? Maybe that could be your job! Summer can be long especially in the city and while you’re sitting sorting computer document storage solution for the next quarter you could be choosing a location of your next party with your colleagues.
  • Okay so we understand it’s roasting hot in the office but on those lunch breaks going for cooling walks in the shade and getting that heartrate up, especially if you have a shower room in your office building you can cool off really fast!
  • Air condition. While not everyone has the same tolerance for higher temperatures it rings true that not everyone has the same tolerance of low temperatures. Grab the office together and those who need it to be cooler can have it on half the day while the other side of the office wear cardigans. After lunch, compromise and use desk fans so the others don’t have to spend their days wearing winter clothes to the office.
  • Rethink the wardrobe. Don’t come to work in knee high boots or thick tights. You will boil in your seat. Make sure you rethink your work wardrobe and buy in some floaty clothing to keep cool in an otherwise warm environment. Keep it work appropriate though, hot pants are not the one to wear to meetings in the boardroom.