Should You Go Paperless?

Choosing to go paperless in your office is a big deal. Every office has filing cabinets wall to wall and choosing to ditch those and scan all your paperwork over to Document Management systems is something of a feat and finding the appropriate document management company to assist can be difficult. Managing paperwork can be a tiresome and every business has documents that they must maintain for legal compliance and operational business needs. As the business grows, the sheer volume of documents chucked into those cabinets and generated regularly can sometimes become a physical burden.

Although many companies look for document storage solutions for their physical records, the most efficient way to manage paperwork is to create digital copies of their important files and store them on the Cloud or in a server in the office. That is where an online document management system can help your business to grow and improve. Entering the digital world even more than you already are in it is important for your company in every aspect.  Every important company record or document can be scanned and converted to digital files and shared among the staff. Staff can be trained in how to manage the documents that are uploaded and learn to edit them with timestamps and date stamps. This way, documents can be tracked and controlled and there’s less risk of duplication. Important files that are relevant to client details like finances and personal information can also be far more secure with online lock and key.

It is widely known that having online access to documents means that remote working is becoming more and more prominent. Digital files provide quick access and instant backups for a business’s entire collection of records and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

A document management system, also known as a DMS, provides storage, version control, security, indexing, and remote retrieval.  This makes it easy for businesses to quickly reference and retrieve any or all of their information from anywhere. When meetings are called halfway round the world or you have offices for your company in different areas of the world, this can be an absolute God send as the easy access means that companies have the breadth to expand their business and the ability to recover the documents in the event of a disaster is perfect.

Electronic document management is fantastic security for high profile clients and their documentation. Laws in virtually every industry require the ability to access any documents you have stored quickly and easily ensure compliance with an audit, lawsuit, or any other legal matter.

Discovery laws require the quick disclosure of documents, and document management systems streamline the process.  Document scanning and online storage can make all of these files accessible instantly as they are needed. Filing and re-filing of previous versions of documents can create mistakes and cost your company money.